A Swagger document describes all REST endpoints including request parameters and return values.

Explore our API

Before exploring our API you should be familiar with its functionality.

API Status

Status Description
released productive and freezed, modifications are guaranteed to be backwards compatible
beta productive, but can be changed with or without notice and without taking care of backwards compatibility
deprecated productive, but a newer (non compatible) version is available which should be used in favor

Possible changes to released resources (aka backwards compatible changes)

  • Adding new attributes in response
  • Adding new optional attributes to POST-requests
  • Supporting a new Http-Method (e.g. adding POST)
  • New subresources
  • Adding new filter parameters

Download 365Connect swagger files

With these complete swagger files you may download and play with our API for yourself:

  • production - current production release
  • latest - currently in development, meaning at most/soon available on our devcon system