Getting in touch

When 365FarmNet engages with new partners, colleagues from product management as well as software developers will talk to potential partners, as we want to have exchange on both technical and product level.

Start developing within our Developer Playground

First you need to register at our partner test environment Devcon. Devcon is a 365FarmNet instance, that additionally contains a Development area.

After registration you may Visit our Development Area and select Developer Playground to develop your own application.

After development on your local machine you should publish your application to an integration/test server and verify the connection - still inside the development area.

Test the integration

After the first version of your application is published and ready to integrate and test, we will publish your application at our test environments (including Devcon) behind a hidden link.

Individual partner ID and secret

You will get individual pair of partner ID and partner secret to access our API. See authentication-page for details.

Partner environments

We recommend you to have at least two environments:

Additionally you can have as many environments as you want and configure it inside our Developer Playground at Development Area

Becoming a production partner

You will get another partner secret to access our productive API and have to use another public certificate to validate the incoming requests. (See authentication-page for details.)

After a technical integration proved to work we your application as a component that can be bought in our shop. Thus juridical activities start:

  • determine the cost for our customers to access the new functionality
  • determine which customer data is transferred to the partner (data protection)
  • exchange contracts between 365FarmNet and our partner
  • provide the new component in our platform

After that, we activate the new component in an upcoming release and marketing activities can start.