Working in the portal as partner

Our integration environment devcon is separated from our production system. Thus certain restrictions apply:

  • we do not generate any invoices, because the stage is not in sync with our ERP system
  • the partner configuration does not match the production system, thus the JWT token exchange works a bit differently and URLs need to be adapted on our and your side

Account data to use

Once you activate new components in our shop most of them have a 10 day trial period. If that period has expired, you need to enter account data in order to properly keep and buy the component. The partner can identify this trial period of a user in the JWT token with functionalityLevel=test set.

Please do not hesitate to use the following test account data depending on our registration country, ususally you will have a German portal account.

Example account data

IBAN Bank BIC-Code Bank code Account number
DE02120300000000202051 DEUTSCHE KREDITBANK BERLIN BYLADEM1001 12030000 0000202051