Data Exchange between partner and 365

The 365FarmNet Connect API gateway allows data exchange between the 365FarmNet portal and the partner's application.

It provides a REST-like API using JSON as exchange format.

Requests to the Connect API gateway need to be authenticated with a JSON Web Token (JWT, see section about Authentication).

Available servers

There are two servers available for partners: production and development server.

Each server provides a 365FarmNet portal instance and a Connect API gateway instance. You find the deployed portal version at the end of each page such as

365FarmNet Version 34.1.0 2020-03-11 - Copyright © 2013-2020.

Production Servers

365FarmNet Portal Connect API

Development Servers

365FarmNet Portal Connect API

WARNING Please note that there are several environments at 365FarmNet, i.e. for development, testing, production.

We use two different sets of configurations including partner secrets and public keys. Only two environments use the production configuration: The production server at and the non-public pre-production server at

Please make sure to use the production secrets and keys only for requests from our production servers. All other requests should be validated with the development key.

Firewall rules

It is important that your application is accessible from different portal servers and with different Connect API gateway. Please adapt any firewall configurations and request details from our operations team, so that your application works from within 365.